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How to Improve Organic Search Ranking for your site

Organic Ranking refers to your site’s position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when a certain search query is made. Websites that show up on the first page of search engines are said to have high-search rankings, this is beneficial because it generates more traffic to the relevant web pages. A site’s position on Search Engines can either be boosted through paid search ads or grow with some helpful tweaks. Hang on, we’ll show you a few ways to boost Organic Search Ranking and get more traffic to your website.

Why Organic Ranking Is Important

When people need certain products, services, or information about them, they go to search engines with queries.  The Search Engine provides a list of results that are relevant to what they are looking for through algorithms that determine the relevance based on the information provided by the numerous content indexed on the platform by looking out for certain keywords and links to these web content. It achieves this through web crawlers. This brings us to the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which of course, leads us to Keywords.
If you own a website, it is a smart move to ensure that your content lands on the top of these results provided by the search engines – aim for the first page. Organic Search Ranking indicates that your SEO techniques are effective because SEO aims at improving your web content to be discoverable on the web, it also improves the authority of your site because a high ranking will provide more traffic.
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6 Ways to Improve your Organic Search Ranking

1. Specific Keywords 

Because of how competitive the digital space is, it may be difficult to rank for all the keywords that are specific to your niche. However, with keyword research tools like SEMrush or Google Keywords Planner, you can find keywords with low or medium competition – they are easier to rank for and have the potential to generate traffic. Using long-tail or short-tail keywords will improve your organic search ranking and boost your discoverability.

2. Use Cornerstone Content 

Cornerstone content works as a parent page for similar content within your website. They come in handy when you want to build internal/deep backlinks. Asides from that, because they are long-form articles or blog posts, they give algorithms detailed information about what your webpage is about and help you rank better for the related content. 

3. Emphasize Content Quality 

While it may not directly boost your appearance on SERPs, publishing high-quality content will bring visitors to your site even when you’re not trying. Why? Because it makes your website more valuable. Not only will you gain the interest of users, but they will also help with the spread of your content either by sharing or backlinking to it. This type of content could be educative, informative, or entertaining. It could also be focused on trends in your industry. If your content gets more backlinks, shares because people find it valuable, be assured that search algorithms will enlist your web page as one that is worthy of the first page.

4. Use Keyword in the content

Including relevant keywords in the body of your post will also promote your site’s organic search ranking. These keywords should flow naturally and not be stuffed. Include them in strategic places like headings, paragraph starters, image descriptions, and alt texts. You can also alternate focus keywords with secondary ones.

5. Page Title, URLs, and Meta Descriptions

Page titles and Meta descriptions are important to your visibility and search engine positioning because they will show up in the SERP. You should optimize them for this purpose. Page titles should be brief and include the keyword/phrase. Meta Description refers to a short explanation of what the web content is about. They should be concise, encouraging, and spark curiosity. It is advisable to capitalize on the user’s search intent here. Your URL should include the focus key phrase you want to rank for. It should also be readable, so you want to avoid the jumble of numbers and special characters. Ie. Keep it clean and concise. 

6. Use Backlinks 

You can also improve your organic search ranking by getting External Backlinks (new links from external domains). This will indicate the relevance of your web page and boost your domain authority. Use the relevant keywords as anchor texts for your backlink so the algorithm can easily detect what it’s about.


In a bid to get quick results, you may be tempted to use black hat SEO techniques – Don’t fall for it. Although they seem effective at first, in due time your site will be discovered and penalized. Search engines like Google are constantly updated and algorithms are getting smarter. It is best practice to stick with the Whitehat SEO techniques instead. You can also opt for paid search ads while you work on building your site’s organic ranking.

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