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5 Important Things A Website Should Have

Having a website is one sure way to boost your digital presence and business performance. It gives prospects something to hold on to and helps you track your growth. 

It doesn’t matter if it is an e-commerce website or one for your company profile, a website helps you create a personality for your brand. This is the first step to winning on a digital scale.

Your website is a visible representation of your brand. Therefore, it should be of good quality. Here, we’ll show you 5 important features your website should have.

Important things your website should have
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1. Visual Appeal

With a good appearance, you give prospects an open invitation to stay engaged on your site. They’ll keep browsing through the pages because they like what they see.

The site layout, colour combination, style, and other visual attributes contribute to creating an appealing website. Stand out with how you present your offers.

Having an attractive website also improves user experience and makes you more confident in your brand. With this, you become more eager to invite people to your site.

2. Speed

If your site does not load fast, it discourages users from completing actions like making a purchase, subscribing to products, or engaging with your site. A glance at your web insights will reveal if people abandon the site before doing anything tangible.

If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, there is a high chance that users will abandon it. This is why you should ensure that your site speed is at its best.

Ensure that the right plugins are in place, make necessary updates and avoid heavy images and videos that could drag the site’s speed.

3. Responsiveness

Your site should be mobile-friendly. You see, people will stay on a website that is suitable for their devices. Ensure that your website is responsive across devices. Preview the pages and see how they look on various devices.

A responsive website makes it convenient for people to navigate and perform actions on its pages.

4. Easy Navigation

If your website is hard to navigate, it disturbs the experience people have on your site. Ensure that your site’s features are easy to locate and understand.

Details like alignment, and positioning will affect how users can engage on your site.  Getting reviews from friends and colleagues will help you identify any difficulties.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is another important feature for your website. It helps your site to be found by people who need your products and services. Good SEO will lead the right prospects to you.

Adopting the keywords specific to your services or products will be a good place to start with SEO, another option is building quality backlinks to your site.

Give your brand a digital boost. Our team of professionals at The9tynine will help you create a fully functional and optimized website.

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